Red Hot Chili Peppers / RHCPRight On Time

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One shot all I need
Ive got rhythm when I bleed
til death do us part
Break my heart so I can start
Kiss me in the futuristic
Twisted but I must insist
Its time to get on top of this
Its right on time
Its right on time
Its right on time
Its right on time its right on time its right on time its right on time
Lookin fine youre lookin fine get on 1999
Its right on time
Discard to bombard
Calling all you shooting stars
Holy cow bow wow wow
Now Im here Im nowhere now
Joan of arc reincarnated
Maybe we could be related
So much blood to circulate
And so much space to decorate
Plain and simple pain
I want to but I cant complain
Death row let us go Its time to blow up for the show
All the world reverberated
Coming through we motorcaded
Vibrate when we operated
Turning up in solid stated
Oh lord