Black SabbathThe Devil Cried

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One fine day in Hell
The master told a story
Someone lied so well
He sent him back to glory
There are whispers between the screams
That this deed can be done
Even sinners must dream
And I can be the one
To make the Devil cry
I can win this game
If all things come together
I know this sounds quite strange
I won"t be smart, just clever
It"s the law on the other side
Just a tear lets you run
And though many have tried
I know I"ll be the one
To make the Devil cry
At last my time has come
I must not give him pleasure
I can be the one
One chance or burn forever
So I told him about my pain
And the life I"ve been through
He just smiled and the laughter came
Then I told him that I love you
And the Devil cried
Tears from his eyes
Eyes of fire
And the Devil cried